Buying The Right CBD Gummies For You

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Hemp derived CBD infused gummies and edibles are by far one of the best ways for CBD newbies to find their footing. The sheer convenience of popping the CBD gummies where ever you are at and the ease with which you can dose, makes CBD gummies one of the best ways to get a first-hand introduction to the vast CBD benefits list.

But for those who aren’t aware, hemp derived CBD, although legal as per the Farm Act 2018, is still yet to be regulated by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). This means there are some CBD gummies which are genuinely good and safe to consume and others….not so much.

Understanding What Your Requirement Is

  • Type Of CBD Extract

CBD extracts are mainly Full spectrum hemp extracts and pure CBD isolates. The full spectrum extracts have other cannabinoids in them such as chromenes, terpenes, and the infamous THC (tertrahydrocannabinol) among others. Full spectrum extracts have added benefits and are much more holistic in its effects; if you want a plethora of all-round benefits, then this is your choice. Pure CBD isolates on the other hand have pure CBD and hence a higher potency.

Broad spectrum CBD is another type that consists of all the cannabinoid minus THC, which in the opinion of many experts is the best option. If the state you are in doesn’t allow THC, then broad spectrum is a good choice.

  • Hemp Or Hemp Seed Oil?

Hemp oil is the CBD rich oil that may be listed as full spectrum hemp or phytocannabinoid rich hemp. Hemp seed oil is the oil that is obtained from the pressed hemp seeds and is void of CBD. The hemp seed oil has its own set of benefits, but its benefits profile is much meeker.

No CoA Means No Purchase

A good and reputed CBD manufacturer will have a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) of all the CBD products on their shelves. The CoA has all of the relevant information regarding the various cannabinoids that are present in the CBD product: the terpenes, flavonoids, and even the THC. The information on the potency of the CBD and the percentage of the other ingredients will also be given. You will know exactly what is in the CBD gummy!

Make sure that the testing is done by a third party certified laboratory to ensure reliability of the CoA. After all, CoA is the ultimate indicator of transparency which in my opinion is a must for any wellness product and not just CBD.