What Is CBD Bioavailability And Why Does It Matter?

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CBD Bioavailability
CBD Bioavailability

People use a variety of methods for consuming CBD. Some of them include oral consumption, sublingual method, vaping, smoking, etc. All these methods are useful to deliver CBD to your body, however, the amount of CBD delivered by each method will be different. Some methods can deliver higher concentrations of CBD, while it will be low for some other methods. Hence, you have to choose the right method for getting the apt amount of CBD which is needed for providing the desired benefits.

CBD Bioavailability

CBD bioavailability is a term that is used to denote the degree and rate at which CBD is absorbed into your bloodstream. Different CBD products including CBD oils, edibles, capsules, tinctures, isolates, etc. contain varying levels of CBD. Some have high concentrations of CBD, while some others will be of lower concentrations. The amount of CBD present in each product determines the rate of CBD entering your bloodstream.

Bioavailability has a great role in deciding the effectiveness of this compound. Higher concentrations of CBD will provide intense results, whereas lower concentrations may not provide the desired benefits. Hence when you choose a product, you have to consider whether it has enough quantity of CBD in it for providing the required benefits.

Which Is The Best Way To Consume CBD?

As mentioned above, the product and method you choose can affect the CBD bioavailability. Therefore, you have to know the amount of CBD each method can deliver into your body for knowing whether the method or product you choose is enough to provide you the desired CBD benefits. The following are some of the common methods used for consuming CBD, and the bioavailability of each method:

Oral Consumption

Most of you will be familiar with this method. The products that are used for oral consumption include CBD edibles, capsules, beverages, etc. These products will have to pass through your digestive system for reaching the bloodstream. But during this process, a large portion of CBD entering your body will be filtered thereby decreasing bioavailability. It is estimated that the bioavailability is between 4-20%, which means you lose a major portion of CBD entering your body.

Sublingual Method

The bioavailability of this method is slightly more than that of oral consumption. It ranges from 12-35%.


This method delivers higher concentrations of CBD into your bloodstream. Here, the CBD will reach your bloodstream directly through your lungs, hence, the loss of this compound is minimum. The CBD bioavailability of vaping can be between the range of 34-46%.